In 2010,  I finally managed to complete a five years period of News abstinence.  For five long years, I totally blocked any local and international news to crawl into my life, whether through tv, social media, newspapers, or magazines.  Whatever little news got to me, was through social conversations, and a bit later then the actual date of the event itself, which made no difference to my life anyway.

My life turned to the better, I was a happier person and more focused on the things that directly mattered to me.  This abstinence became a way of living, that I stopped counting the amount of time I stayed away from News, and just moved on with my life.

Came 2015, fate and war brought me to a new country, I found myself in a socially hostile country, with no friends or family around, and lots of time on my hands.  So, I plugged-in my tv, held the remote control and zapped for 3 hours international and local news channels: I felt as if I was in a coma, for 10 years, and just woke up.

The news shifted from: Shooting at schools killing innocent children, to debates over voting rights for women, people killing each other in the name of religion, than it moved to unpunished rape acts, education rights for women, child abuse from forced labor to sex abuse, water shortage, innovative technologies in so many industries, social media craze, the hijab, animal cruelty, animal extinction, global warming, sustainability acts, GMOs, obesity, new psychological issues, outburst of old viruses previously contained, color racism, gender racism, discrimination against whatever is different from the “self” and lots of other nonsense.

I was watching a different reality from the reality I was living.  While I was improving myself as a human being, healing my heart, strengthening my compassion, expanding my consciousness, the world  has set itself on a self-destruct mode.  Obviously, I was on a different path than the majority of the mass.

With all my mighty logic, I tried to understand the nonsense happening all over the world.  I really wanted to understand what drove humanity to embellish and strive in one specific direction and not into another direction or, different directions concurrently. Why are we so technologically advanced, but not humanly advanced? What drove us to build better cellphones, better weapons, better cars, better home appliances, innovative things to help us lead an easier daily life, but we have done nothing to help us become better human beings?

Innovation is all around us, improving everything in almost every field, yet we damaged the “human being” on so many levels, in an irreversible way.

Today the “human being” can have a state of the art cellphone, but is not able to connect to his own intuition.  He can drive the safest, coolest, full options car but he cannot control his own body, his own thoughts, emotions, instinct and reactions: true zombies walking on the planet with state of the art gadgets, and zero understanding of ourselves, life, the planet we live upon, and the universe.

We created all the problems that humanity and the planet is facing, and now we are trying to create solutions.  May be it is time we admit we are not good at creating anything sustainable at all!?  Whether it is related to our own well being, or the planet’s wellbeing, the very place we live upon, we are not aware of the interconnectedness of things if they are directly related to our basic four senses.  What about our fifth, sixth and seventh senses?

We want to be happy, but our pursuit of happiness lead us to our destruction.  Not because the pursuit itself is flawed, but because our definition of happiness is completely perverted. We became addicts to short term satisfaction, and we confused it for happiness, and we started looking for it outside ourselves: pills, stimulants, social media, social validation, random sex…to name a few.  We have put our happiness in things that are not in our control: we have decentralized ourselves, we have decentralized our happiness, and gave away our power to external factors and external circumstances.

The human conscious became so short sighted that we cannot think beyond what is in our own one meter radius, and directly related to us.  There has been no trace or evidence of expansion of the human consciousness, whatsoever.  How can I back up this statement? Easy: just watch the news today and compare it to the news 20 years ago.  Watch the relationship between your grandparents and compare it to your relationships now.  Many years ago we had the black and white issue, and today after so many years we still have the same issue.  We haven’t worked it out still, even though we reached the moon.  We still have discrimination and racism, even though we can now clone entire human beings, and build AI.

20 years ago, we had first signs of global warming. September 2016 we entered the irreversible stages of global warming.  We had 19 years to stop it, but we didn’t.  We were  busy inventing machines that cut down trees faster.  We were busy deforesting, to build new cities.  This is also a proof that we have not evolved as a specie.  We just upgraded our gadgets.

According to the UN, inequality at the work place will be solved by 2050.  Why is there inequality at the work place in the first place? who allowed these rules to be enforced?  who entertained this “understanding” or “way of thinking”? and why is it going to take more than 30 years to reverse it? why is it taking so long to reverse a problem that we are completely aware of? because our consciousness hasn’t evolved.  Because not all world leaders are willing to enforce the solution.

What is happening to the education system? If this has been improved, then, at least by now, we should have a completely new generation that is more evolved, but I don’t see it.  I see the opposite.  I see a surge in drug addiction, depression, dependency…etc.  The new generation is not even a happy generation.  It is a war generation who is not living in a war zone, but succumbing to the outcomes of an anxious world at war.

Life did not partake in that destruction.  It was all our own doing.  How did we manage to do this? Simple: we never asked “why”, we never asked “what if”.  And our solutions to solve the problems we created, will fail.  Why? because we don’t need solutions, we need to change our way of being, our thinking, we need to change who we are at the core.  We need to rescind what we have done,  and go backwards.  We need to take full responsibility of our actions, thoughts and behavior and countermand.

When life created female and male, it did not leverage one over the other.  Its creation was perfect, and balanced, if put together.  You take one element out, and it will fail, it will simply cease to exist.

The same approach can be used for the human being.  It is made of intuition and logic.  We empowered logic, suppressed intuition, and created another imbalance.  We dissociated the soul from the physical.  We didn’t ask ourselves what will happen if we empower one part of the human system and dismiss the other.  Here we are, trying to figure out how to be whole again.  We go to yoga classes, we pray, we try to become vegan.  We do stuff, and they become trends, and then we realize these are not the solution.

The solution is to erase and let go of the inherited dogmas from our societies, parents, upbringing, schools, and religion, and try to be whole again, as by birth.  If we dont do that, we will keep turning in circles around ourselves.  Humanitarian  issues and problems that we were facing 20 years ago are still unsolved and will remain unsolved.  The educational system has made no significant progress, the human consciousness has made no improvement, people holding authorities and power all over the world are still in the same controlling mind frame as 40 years ago, the masses are still following the blind, the old Monkey-banana trick still works, and we still believe in religions but not in God.

We need to press the “stop” button, then we need to step out and just sit still, and watch how life will magically happen, and beautifully bloom if we don’t try to intervene.

who are “we”? All the human beings on this planet.

Why human beings only and not all creation? because, funny enough, the rest of the creation on this planet are succumbing to our disorder.  They will be fine once we get a grip on ourselves.

We need to start seeing, understanding, realizing, that every little decision that we are making is affecting all of us, collectively, and also affecting the other creations on this planet like animals and nature, on the short and long run.  Growing and evolving is now an emergency, a red alert.  We need to mature, connect, take responsibility, focus, un-follow, think, re-think, feel and re-feel, live and re-live, tear down, and take apart, go deep and very deep.  We need to replace the “having” with “becoming”.  It is an absolute necessity to just transform and BECOME.  

So now, what should I do with my little disappointed rebellious self? should I ask Morpheus for the red pill and go back to my world?

Or should I say: “Hello world, meet and greet World Citizen, who will kick the nonsense out of you”.